A man's story.

11:15 AM

It's not good when you find a right person in a wrong time.
It's really not good.

He is a fragile man. 
A man who can't deny that love comes to him unpredictably. 
A man who can't let his feeling be good instead thinking bad of it. 
A man who looks like a professional pretender in front of her. 
A man who support her in every way through his broken feel. 
A man who has the affection but she doesn't cares.
A man who couldn't kid himself that she is impossible.
A man who love to sing:

So you’ve ever heard the stories?.There’s no reason of being blindI begin to setup my worriesShould be left until you’re right

No one will catch youSomeone hunts your needsMany good signs can advise you through the timeline

Greater range of explanationToo many lies that come to mindPretty doubt on destinationIt makes sense to start the night

No one will steer youI’ll be on your wingsFacing down to heal the broken guidance of usAnd start a new light

**There is way much to forget youThan standing here to get to know youAll the great day’s gonna make it go away

Flying down to set the guidanceIt’s too late to leave the wrong wayMany saviors know the silent word then make it lostAnd hard to find again

A man who love his friend.

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