Music and Memories

10:53 PM

I do have many favorite songs.

Most of them are rock, and a few pop songs. 

For me music is a memory. A memory that has a thousand stories of our past. A memory that could kill your brain and then makes you shout "FUCKING MEMORIES" and maybe "I love those moments, I wish I could back". 
But time is linear, you just can't go back and change the future. Ridiculous indeed, but I am sure that everyone ever been to think about it. Go back to the past, change the story-line, and then face a bright future. Kill yourself.
That's why I love music so much. Because I can back to the past, though it is not real.
These are some songs that reminds me to some moments.

Anti Flag - One Trillion Dollars
Reminds me to the some fucking embarrassing moments when I had an internship program in Surabaya with Inyonk, Ijul, Benjo, etc. You may can't believe this: My boarding house owner is a gay; I live with a bartender and prostitutes; Me and my friends stole a cd at bookstore; and I left Surabaya without internship certificate.

 Bunkface - You and Me
Some part of romantic memories. Reminds me to the blackout night in Banjarbaru and think about her. Sing along with Bayu and some boarding house mates. Spend all the blackout night with a guitar, coffee, and of course rooftop. :)

Endank Soekamti - Siapa Namamu
Alone at waiting room in the airport. Saw a girl that looks like her. Wanna ask her name, but she disappeared.

New Found Glory - Too Good To Be
Every morning before i went to school, I came to Fahri's room then used his hair comb. He always plays this song in the morning. 

New Found Glory - I Don't Wanna Know
Reminds me to every morning at school. "The awkward ways we meet". Yes, we didn't have any word to say. We just keep the comfortable silences. Sometimes this song also reminds me to the end of my fucking un-romantic story. The end? I don't wanna know.

Green Day - Time of Your Life 
Alone in the boarding house. Go to the front sofa, sing along till the sunset comes.

Blink 182 - Rock Show
Chicken Finger Fingers! My ex-Band haha. Used to play this song at the studio. Inyonk and Matil are such a great musician there.

Blink 182 - Stay Together For The Kids
The first difficult guitar tab that I learned. I did it! 

Panic At The Disco - Nine In The Afternoon
First song that linked me and her. haha I even can remember that facebook status.

Panic At The Disco - Bittersweet
When i did a mistake, I used to listen this song. "Everything I do is bittersweet".

Panic At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Reminds me to the junior high school. Play it loud at the class and then dancing. The time that I still love dancing. :))))))

Rocket Rockers - Unoriginal Skate Rock
Some of my first MP3 in my personal computer. Didn't know them much, but it caught my ear.

Superman Is Dead  - Lady Rose
Singing in the front of class with Alfianda. Bit false, but surely it is cool for us.

Totalfat - See You Later Take Care
The end? Yes, this is the "the end soundtrack of the story".

There are still many songs that I haven't mentioned yet. Too many, guys. 
You may curious why I write this post with English, don't you?
There are too many "her" in my life. I use English to make it bias hahaha.
But now I already go on, guys. Finally haha. This post just to make laugh between me and this night. Don't worry, her picture inside my head already fallen and broken. Memories just memories.
Maybe when I miss her, I can play those song. 
Playback those fucking moments :)))

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