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Atheism is an ideology that believes there is no God in this world. Atheism believes that we live in the process of revolution of nature. For those people who believe in God, they will contradict the statement of an Atheist that denies the existence of God. In fact, several people also admit that become an Atheist is a human right. There is no kind of authority that can stop someone becomes an Atheist.  I completely disagree with those people who support Atheism. I can explain why I totally disagree with the ideology of Atheist. First, Atheism is a denial ideology. I’ve always assumed that Atheism never been exists because their denial to the public and to the world. The fact is Atheist always says that they don’t believe in God, but they only believe in science, nature, and technology. It is totally denial, right? They just doubt about the existence of God then make their science as their God. Second, Atheism makes people mindset totally wrong against common people. Atheist never believes about heaven and hell. With logical assumption, it means that people can freely do what they want such as kill people, steal, thief, and lie. The last one, Atheism also never believes about soul. Soul is the only thing that human being cannot explain. With the latest technology that human ever created, Atheist cannot explain what makes we are alive now. That’s why we have a religion because something that we can’t explain has an answer and only God knows what the answer is. My conclusion, I totally disagree if someone becomes an Atheist. Atheist only sees something with logical answer, whereas there are some questions in this world that can’t be answered by science and technology.

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