The Phenomenon of Social Network Among Teenagers

12:15 AM

The Phenomenon of Social Network Among Teenagers
                Social network is such a disaster. Nowadays, almost all the people in this world are using internet, especially social network. I must admit that we cannot live without social network in this century. For teenagers, they will called “nerd” if they don’t have a social network account.
                The first social network that becomes so popular is Friendster. In the year when Friendster so popular, all of my friends have an account of Friendster. We usually add each other to increase the number of our friends. In addition, we usually comment each other profile. But now, Friendster is a game website, not social network anymore. Friendster was killed by facebook.
                Facebook and Twitter are the best disaster for teenagers in last of 3 years. Some teenagers use social network as their primary activity. They forget their primary activities like study, social activity in real life, and even pray. It is very dangerous for a young generation like us. Social network makes people so near when they are so far away, but also makes people so far when they are so near! You may never realize, but it is really true.
                We can use a lot of advantages from social media, and we can also use the disadvantages. Teenagers in this entire world are the victims of technology, internet, social media, and blackberry. Teenagers more likely use the disadvantages instead of the advantages. Some teenagers usually upload their photo before they eat something instead of praying. What a shame!
                Another example that so dominant in this world is update status. You know, update status or tweet can be very useful if your status contains new information, but if it is not, it only makes nonsense. My friend tweet something like this “hungry”. So what’s the problem? If you are hungry then eat instead of tweet “hungry”. 

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